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Todine.net is the publisher of the first official guide on restaurants meant for Internet. Its reliability is guaranteed by the quality of the sources, fed by the main paper guide son restaurants such as " Michelin ", "L'Espresso", "Gambero Rosso", the "Accademia Italiana di Cucina", Sperling & Kupfer and "Relais Chateaux" - respecting the international copyrighting.

Todine.net, acena.it, pizza.it "Official Web Site" - today they represent the greatest data bank of cuisine kinds and tipologies, containing thousands of restaurants and new ones - discovered or suggested by our experts - which are added from time to time.A site on progress.... on continuous evolution, really advanced from the technological point of view, which focuses on the service, being addressed to and meant for both the cuisine fans and the catering/ restaurant professionals.

As you know the cuisine - in its essence - is a cultural matter and fact which expresses itself through a multiplicity of elements.Each restaurant has got its own roots, origins, history and different culture and therefore a variety of products which change accordingly. For this reason, tuning in perfectly with Internet means, we planned to subdivide the guide according to the cuisine "genres" and kinds and according to the natural geographical location, with a basic simple graphic shape and look thanks to which we are considered absolutely unique.

Analysis and selection methods to include restaurants - into "Where will you dine?" and " Dove andiamo a cena stasera?" - take into account the evaluation done by international gastronomical critics, the opinions reported on gastronomical guides ofvery great prestige and the different suggestions and mentions of new restaurants whichwe keep on receiving by our cooperators spread all around the world.

Our main target is making the most of the cuisine of great quality by granting and spreading correct information which creates value for users as for example it started happening in the past few years thanks to the booking on line service: todine.net got its worldwide primogeniture !Todine.net, official publisher about restaurants on internet, especially sets out to internationalize the cuisine of superior quality and to spread the culture of the great catering/restaurant system. It wants to be the main leading character of the sectorbecoming the "tutor" of this prestige family who works every day to keep high the quality of its own products and satisfy the request of the most exacting customer.

A real concrete accessible "cost-effective" possibility which allows to "communicate" / launch one's own image (in)to the whole planet. The wave of the "new economy" has given off and stirred up unexpected energies of enthusiasm and professionality which were hidden "inside and outside" the quality restaurants kitchens.

The culture of a country? It can also be measured at the table.
( from Corriere della Sera - Monday 10 April 1995 - by Francesco Alberoni )

" The first born and one of the portals more copied to the world. "
(Wednesday September 24 th 2014)

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