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Crazy pizzas to play.

Each box contains this amusing series the puzzle with the picture of a real pizza. The puzzle is completed round. There are pizzas, small, medium and large. There are four boxes each with a pizza flavor and different sizes: the Margherita, the Four Seasons, the seafood and gardeners.

People just for fun, thanks to an appointment "stoner" front of a pizzeria in Milan where Sergio Missiaggia had to go for a "pizza" with former classmates, (the appointment was not for that night but the night after the Pizza Puzzle ...), were made tens of thousands of pieces and distributed in many countries around the world: U.S. to Sweden, Australia and Canada to many countries in Europe. The Pizza Puzzle were taking pictures of real pizza (There were 28 well-cooked in a wood oven in a pizzeria near the study of the photographer) which were then enriched "ad hoc" with various ingredients and prepared to be photographed by a famous photographer food, Sergio Pancaldi.

Pizza Puzzle is a brand registered property of CCP Publisher Srl.

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