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PESCE E FRUTTI DI MARE - FAMILIARE m-forchette-1 E' stato oggetto di un totale restyling, questo interessante locale dalla lunga gestione familiare - siamo ormai alla terza - raccontate dalle foto in bianco e nero appese alle pareti. Proposte di pesce ed alcune a base di carne: cottura anche alla brace (metodo Jasper).
Carta 35/60 € - via Cavour 2 - tel 340 533 7800 - Chiuso lunedì guida-gamberorosso-2016

gambero-1gambero g-corretto TRATTORIA DEL PESCATORE
p.zza Fontana, 47
tel 0994707121
Closed: Sunday evening
Number of seats: 60
€ 40 wines excluded
Credit cards: all
TRACTORY The quality of the raw material served at the table is guaranteed by the family's historic fishmonger's shop, of which the trattoria is a direct descendant. In this place with a double soul, the border between store and restaurant is blurred, so much so that the fish of the day can be chosen at the counter and the cooking can be arranged. Moreover, raw and cooked appetizers, with a special place for mussels, paccheri with scampi or spaghetti with squid ink, sumptuous seafood soup, classic fried fish. Helpful and informal service. guida-accademia

a-templi-2 buona-tavola AL CANALE
Address: Discesa Vasto Phone: 099.4764201 Fax: 099.4764201 Mobile: 3386791727 Type of establishment: Restaurant - Pizzeria Closing: Sunday evening Holidays: first week of November Management: LA.GE. srl In the kitchen: Luciano Di Mito (chef specialized in seafood and raw fish) Cost: €€ - from 36 to 45 euro Credit cards: All Seating: 60 Outdoor extra: 80 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: The restaurant "AL CANALE" was founded in 2003 by the father of the current manager, Giovanni Laggiard, a former sea captain and passionate about seafood. The restaurant is located in one of the most suggestive points of the city of Taranto, directly on the navigable canal and under the swing bridge, enjoying a unique view. The specialization of the restaurant is seafood cuisine in all its variants of pasta, fish and mussels, with a specialty dedicated to raw fish. Typical dishes: raw fish (various carpaccios - prawns and shrimp galllipolino) mussels au gratin - warm seafood salad fusilli al canale (fusilli of Gragnano au gratin with shellfish and Pantelleria capers) tubettino with Taranto mussels, brothy with cherry tomatoes baked sea bream with potatoes and artichokes guazzetto gurnard with tomatoes and croutons Dish not to be missed: seafood risotto

a-templi-2 DESCO
Address: Corso Umberto I 79 Phone: 099 4527921 Fax: 099 4527921 Type of establishment: Restaurant - Pizzeria Closing Time: Sunday evening Holidays: never Management: Gaeta Nicola In the kitchen: Gaeta Nicola and Cristian Gaeta Cost: €€ - from 36 to 45 euro Credit cards: American Express/CartaSì/Visa/MasterCard/Diners Cover charge: 90 Parking: Uncomfortable News of particular interest: Local located in the city center in the village Umbertino, with a pleasant and modern furnishings and a large open kitchen. A special note deserves the owner of the restaurant, Nicola Gaeta, who with a long and successful career in the restaurant industry, has prevailed over the years the passion for cooking to his work as a manager, so as to currently deal exclusively with the kitchen, leaving his wife the management. Typical dishes: crostoni with salmon tartare prawns from Mazara with patanegra lard glazed with honey pappardelle Gran Gourmet with pheasant ragout and truffle roast veal with plums, blueberries and caramelized apples pappardelle Gran Gourmet with pheasant ragout and truffle Not to be missed: tonnarelli with clams, arugula pesto and almonds.

a-templi3 FARO
Address: Via Galeso, 126 Phone: 099 474444 Closing Time: Mon Holidays: 1-15 Sep Management: since 1980 Al Faro srl Cost: €€€€ - from 66 to 100 euro Credit cards: All Seating: 60 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: business restaurant Typical dishes: seafood risotto; baked sea bass Must-try: risotto with shrimps.

a-templi3 FATTORIA
Address: Via Abruzzo, 7/9 Phone: 099 7371161 Closed: Sun Annual closing: 15-31 August Management: since 1982 Oronzo Falcone In the kitchen: Raffaele Gambardella Cost: from 46 to 65 euro Credit cards: All Seating: 70 Parking: convenient News of particular interest: family restaurant, nice and comfortable Typical dishes: mussels au gratin and seafood salads; pappardelle with shellfish Dishes not to be missed: risotto with shrimps.

a-templi-1 GENTE DI MARE
Address: Via Garibaldi 254 Phone: 099 9466652 Kind of place: Trattoria Closing: never Holidays: never Management: Solfrizzi Palma since October 4, 2016 In the kitchen: Giuseppe Motolese Cost: €€ - from 36 to 45 euros Credit cards: CartaSì/Visa/MasterCard Covered: 45 Parking: Comodo News of particular interest: The restaurant is located in the part of the old town, in the island and directly on the harbor where fishing boats dock and sell the fish caught. The restaurateur also owns a motor vessel "SHARA" with which he organizes excursions in the small sea between the cirrus of fresh water, where they grow mussels Taranto and through the channel under the swing bridge reaches the nearby islands Cheradi Gulf of Taranto in the Ionian Sea. Typical dishes: seafood risotto seafood salad cod in a crust of potatoes filleted fish caught in a crust of vegetables mussels au gratin and stuffed cuttlefish Dish not to be missed: velvety mussel soup.

a-templi-1 buona-tavola PARANZA
Address: Via Cariati, 68 Phone: 099 4608328 Mobile: 339 2413342 Closing Time: Sunday evening Holidays: never Management: Marco Bojano In the kitchen: Angelo Matachiera Cost: €€€ - from 46 to 65 euro Credit cards: All Seating: 80 Outdoor extra: 30 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: Typical cuisine restaurant that combines tradition and innovation, skillfully combining the recipes of Taranto seafood cuisine with the tastes and flavors of the Mediterranean. It is based on fresh fish of the day that is accompanied by noble wines of Ionian land and Salento, with refinement in rosé wines. Particular attention in the reception and attentive service. The use of local products, from fish to fruits and vegetables, to fresh bread, is a guarantee of quality, transparency and zero kilometers. The restaurant is located on the Mar Piccolo, in front of the pier where fishermen moor their fishing boats that they use for the catch of paranza. It has three rooms, one of which has a sea view. The environment lends itself both to accommodate groups of a few people, and larger groups, for ceremonies and small receptions. Typical dishes: rich appetizer of fish of the house fricelli with broccoli and clams linguine with shrimps and radicchio spaghetti with seafood rolls of baked sea bream mixed roast fish Dishes not to be missed: cut of tuna in a crust of fragrant bread.

Address: Largo Pescheria, 1 Loc. Borgo Antico di Taranto Phone: 099 9800081 Mobile: 320 6847398 Type of establishment: Trattoria Closing Time: Sunday evening Closed: never Management: Arianna e Salvator Mignogna Kitchen: Antonio Pastore Cost: €€€ - from 46 to 65 euro Credit cards: CartaSì/Visa/MasterCard Cover charge: 70 Additional outdoor seats: 50 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: The restaurant is located on a shore of the Mar Piccolo in the city of Taranto, inserted under the historic "Pensilina Liberty", where you can taste raw seafood: oysters, black and hairy mussels and sea urchins. The new management of the restaurant, since a few years, has made it a meeting point for lovers of typical Taranto cuisine based on fish and seafood. Typical dishes: peppered black mussels mussels au gratin raw seafood taglioline with scampi risotto alla pescatora fresh fried fish. Dish not to be missed: linguine with sea urchins.

Address: Via Girasoli, 90 - Località Lama Phone: 099 7772589 Closed: Wednesday Annual closing: 1 - 20 September Management: since 1990 Loredana Stasi Cost: €€ - from 36 to 45 euro Credit cards: All Seating: 120 Outdoor extra: 60 Parking: Private of the restaurant or garage agreement News of particular interest: Restaurant in relais inn, on the sea, with garden. Typical dishes: seafood appetizers tagliolini with lobster.

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