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Historic Center

CONTEMPORARY - ELEGANT m-forchette-3 A place with a decidedly Milanese mood in a trendy neighborhood: elegant, but with an attractive design that includes music among its furnishing elements, while dishes with Italian flavors on a decidedly contemporary basis arrive from the kitchen. Next to the bar-bistro where, as an alternative to the choice of the wine list, many cocktails are mixed.
Menu 45 € (lunch) / 80 € - Carte 65/89 €
Via Fiori Chiari 32 (M) Lanza - tel 02 9997 9993 - Closed on Sunday

MEDITERRANEAN • ELEGANT m-forchette-2 Restaurant with a view, and what a view! Inside the museum of the twentieth century, Giacomo Arengario enjoys a privileged view of the spiers of the Duomo, especially its beautiful summer terrace. The cuisine is contemporary, with equal attention to the sea and land. Uninterrupted service from 12 noon until closing in the evening.
Carte 55/83 €
via Guglielmo Marconi 1 (on the 3rd floor of the Museo del Novecento) - (M) Duomo - tel 02 7209 3814

Isola-Porta Nuova

CREATIVE - DESIGN m-3-forchette On the second floor of Eataly, the most sought-after stations are the "social" table in fossil wood overlooking the open kitchen, as well as those arranged along the glass wall overlooking the square. Vibrant and original dishes: the desire to amaze is allied to the talent of the cook who ensures precise, beautiful and intriguingly colored presentations. The kitchen is more and more alive (and not only in the name) thanks also to the new vegetable garden. At lunch: simple menu or gourmet tasting menu. The cocktail list is worthy of attention.
Menu 73/170 € - Carte 75/150 €
piazza XXV Aprile, 10 (M) Garibaldi - tel 02 4949 7340 - Closed Monday, Sunday

CREATIVE - WELCOMING m-2-forchette In a successful mix of classic and modern, romantic and welcoming, the cuisine is interested in both the sea and the land, while the service, however young, is not lacking in professionalism. Inside an Art Nouveau building, the small mezzanine overlooking the restaurant gives it an atmosphere of yesteryear.
Menu 30€ (lunch), 50/70 € - Carte 55/70 € - via Monte Grappa 6 - tel 02 2901 1439 - Closed Saturday noon, Sunday

Milano Isola-Porta Nuova

FISHION m-nuovo
FISH AND SEAFOOD - CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT m-forchette-1 In one of the areas of the Milanese "nightlife", Fishion is the direct emanation of the historic Pedol fish market, a guarantee of excellent quality raw materials! The kitchen supervised by a very young chef - French by birth, but with solid experience in Italy - offers an interesting range of fish dishes veined with imagination and colors.
Menu 65/90 € - Carte 30/75 € - via Pietro Maroncelli 15 - (M) Garibaldi - tel 02 3676 4500 - Closed at noon, Monday and Sunday

Central Station

FISH AND SEAFOOD - CONVIVIALE m-forchette-1 Near the Central Station, a large and rich buffet of freshly caught daily will welcome you. To follow, marinated dishes in straightforward preparations and of a classic setting, with a special place reserved for his majesty the raw.
Carte 45/80 € - via Tunisia angolo via Tadino - tel 02 2048 0964 - Closed Monday, Tuesday noon


FISH AND SEAFOOD - CONVIVIALE m-2-forchette For those nostalgic for the sea, many fish specialties - although the menu also includes some land dishes and (in season) Alba truffles, ovoli and porcini mushrooms - in an old Milanese trattoria from the early 1900s. Do not miss the dessert trolley at the end of the meal: a delicacy!
Carta 60/135 € - via Sottocorno 6 - tel 02 7602 3313


m-1-stella SADLER
CREATIVE - ELEGANT m-3-forchette Since the 1980s, one of the masters of innovative Milanese cuisine, chef Sadler continues his research between flavors and colors in line with his passion for modern art. Always linked to the world of art, the walls of the restaurant are dedicated to contemporary painters who remain exposed for the pleasure of the customers, and then rotate and leave room for other artists. Among the first chefs to give importance to the appearance of the dish, to a modern, gometric and colorful aesthetic, Sadler's creations are easily assimilated precisely to the contemporary art of which he is passionate. It is no coincidence that the dishes in the menu are vintage from the famous crustacean pan of '96, the proposals rattle off a series of dishes - mainly seafood - that have marked the Milanese gastronomic history and beyond.
Menù 130/160 € - Carta 100/150 € - via Ascanio Sfora 77 (M) Romolo - tel 02 5810 4457 - Closed at noon and Sunday

FISH AND SEAFOOD - TREND m-2-forchette For lovers of fish specialties this place can be a real survey: raw, oysters and seafood are the basis of this cuisine, without forgetting the exclusively caught fish. An excellent cellar and a glamorous environment complete the picture.
Menù 130 € - Carta 90/120 € - via Savona 10 (M) Porta Genova - tel 02 5811 1649 - Closed at noon and Sunday

MEDITERRANEAN - COLORFUL m-forchette-1 Inside a former factory of the early twentieth century, the atmosphere is original and bohemian, but the jewel is the summer service in the enchanting internal garden: "al fresco", as the Anglo-Saxons would point out, borrowing an Italian word. From the kitchen seasonal products and Mediterranean flavors in preparations at low temperatures.
Carta 48/82 € - via Savona 50 (M) Porta Genova - tel 02 4963 3630

City Life-Sempione

Chef: Gaetano Simonato
CREATIVE - CLASSIC ENVIRONMENT m-3-forchette The change of location that took place a couple of years ago, with the transition from the Navigli area to the elegant surroundings of Parco Sempione, did not affect the gastronomic proposal of chef Simonato. The cuisine does not change gears, it is always creative, elaborate and lively in proposing complex ranges of flavors and textures in the same dish. Naturally, the passion for oils also remains: many dishes are paired with a different type of oil. Strong-willed and outgoing personality, the chef often leaves the kitchen to devote himself to the customers in the dining room with tireless liveliness and enthusiasm.
Menu 35 € (lunch), 105/145 € - Carte 105/145 € - via Francesco Petrarca 4 (M) Cadorna - tel 02 839 4139 - Closed Saturday noon, Sunday

FISH AND SEAFOOD - COZY m-2-forchette Ideal address for those who love fish, prepared according to simple but personalized recipes (let the owner lead you with some "off the menu" related to the products of the daily market), and proposed by focusing on an interesting quality / price ratio. Particular attention to gluten intolerances.
Menu 35 € (lunch) / 40 € - Carte 35/65 € - via Piero della Francesca 34 (M) Jerusalem - tel 02 347338 - Closed on Mondays, Saturdays at noon

North-West urban area

FISH AND SEAFOOD - CHIC m-2-forchette A whole family reality with the landlady busy in the kitchen and husband and daughter in the dining room to follow the guests' requests. If the menu is essentially based on fish, there are also some land recipes. Interesting wine list.
Menu € 20 (lunch) - Carte 40/75 € - via Marcantonio del Re 38 (M) Portello - tel 02 3320 0659 - Closed Monday noon, Sunday

Northeast urban area

MODERN - CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT m-1-forchette An intriguing location in the artistic-cultural context of the Milanese Frigoriferi, for this restaurant with modern tones both in the environment and in the kitchen that introduces a new concept of "deconstructed" paper, that is: not traditionally divided into appetizers, first and second courses, but composed of dishes that can be combined according to the inspiration of the moment. The tasting menu is always available which includes four specialties chosen from the menu.
Menu 14 € (lunch) / 33 € - Carte 25/37 € - via Piranesi 10 - tel 02 3966 6784 - Closed Saturday evening, Sunday

South-West urban area

Chef: Alessandro Negrini e Fabio Pisani
CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN - DESIGN m-3-forchette The local historian, on the threshold of 60 years of activity, now proposes a formula with two full-bodied tasting menus, one linked to seasonality, the other in search of quality raw materials ranging throughout the boot. The atmosphere is decidedly contemporary and at the same time - sober; a style that goes well with dishes elaborated with high professionalism, but also understandable to all, which draw inspiration from the past and from the Italian tradition, revisited, and still respectful of the ingredients.
Menù 230/280 € - Carte 115/155 € - via Montecuccoli 6 (M) Primaticcio - tel 02 416886
Closed Saturday noon, Sunday

FISH AND SEAFOOD - FAMILY m-forchette-1 Inviting trays of raw fish parade in the room, often served together at the same table. The specialties of the maison are in fact oysters and shellfish, although the simple menu also includes cooked proposals. Classic and comfortable surroundings, warm service and solid ownership for this good neighborhood tavern.
Carte 45/55 €
- via Sforza 105 - tel 02 8954 6534
Closed Monday noon, Sunday guida-espresso-2016

(The Restaurants of the Espresso Guide)

e-1cappello 142 RESTAURANT
Cristoforo Colombo 6
Ph. 02.47758490
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday; Sunday evening
Holidays: variable in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 40 to 70
A room furnished in a simple but refined, contemporary way, with a large open kitchen, open from 8 in the morning for breakfast until 24. The service is attentive and precise without being too formal. The cuisine is eclectic and offers traditional preparations enriched with fruit, such as the Mediterranean amberjack tartare with pineapple in raspberry osmosis, or with spices or exotic ingredients. A happily executed dish is the roasted octopus with potato cream accompanied by tortilla with wrapping the crispy and tender pieces of octopus, consuming them with your hands. A dish to try is the seared squid served with "azukitì", beans of Japanese origin, and turnip meat. Menu at 65 euros. Selected wine list with labels by the glass. About 50 euros.

e-1cappello tutto pesce AL PORTO
Piazza General Antonio Cantore (Former customs toll booth)
Ph. 02.89407425
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Sunday; Monday for lunch
Holidays: three weeks in August; ten days between Christmas and New Year
Credit cards: all
Price: from 50 to 80
A safe landing in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Milan. Inside, the chaos gives way to the serenity of a consolidated family affair, the harbinger of a gastronomic session totally suited to seafood that cannot be more classic, yet always compelling because well done, with attention to the fordamentals. Raw qratinati and moist to start (perfect stuffed squid). Then risottos, soups and, first courses, tagliolini with mullet and courgette flowers. Hand-fried shrimp, baby squid and small sole. Alternatively, fish and shellfish prepared according to regional recipes. Reassuring traditional sweets, such as the selection of wines centered on wineries of proven reliability. 60 euros on average the bill.

e-1cappello tutto pesce AL SALE GROSSO
Via Ippolito Nievo 33
Ph. 02.341290
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Sunday; Saturday for lunch
Holidays: variable in August; December 31st and January 1st
Credit cards: all
Price: from 35 to 90
At the gates of CityLife, a pleasant restaurant with a modern imprint where the kitchen and fish counter at sight guarantee the freshness of what will arrive on the plate. The item "cruderia" is rich on the menu with a great variety of coquillage, carpaccio and tartare (above all that of amberjack, celery, bottarga and flakes of black salt). The subsequent preparations will teach lightness, ranging from delicious appetizers (to try the salad of cod, cucumber, lime, fresh tomato and Tropea onion) up to the sumptuous Catalan shellfish, without forgetting the excellent catch of the day with cooking left to the customer's taste Off the menu, in season, also grilled or Genoese porcini mushrooms. Essential the cellar, friendly and efficient service. About 60 euros.

e-1cappello ALL'ORIGINE
Via Alfonso Lamarmora 36
Ph. 02.5464312
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: never
Holidays: never
Credit cards: all
Price: from 55 to 100
A well thought-out restaurant that started quietly a few years ago and has grown over time, step by step. The chef and soul of the restaurant is Fabio Titone, very young and ambitious. The cuisine is creative but solid., So 'round' dishes, as he used to say, always stimulating. For example turbot ceescake, datterino marmalade, tomato water and sorrel; buttons with smoked clams, parsley air and solicornia; Roasted ossobuco with Fassona tartare, Parmigliano ice cream and balsamic vinegar caviar. Quiet environment, attentive service. The wine proposal is adequate. Three tasting menus of five, six and twelve courses at 60, 70 and 100 euros. A la carte on 60 euros.

Via Monte Bianco 2/A
Ph. 02.82778751
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday; Saturday for lunch
Holidays: Easter week; three weeks in August; a week at Christmas
Credit cards: AE,AU,BM,CS,MC,VISA,EU
Price: from 35 to 65
Bistrot designed by Eugenio Boer, a few steps from the newest Milan of CityLife. Here, hyper-classic revisited alternate in the three menus of vegetables, meat and fish. The cuisine enhances the nuances of the soft egg in foam and impresses, as it is useful, decisive tones: on the classic pasta and beans, for example, or in the generous creaming of yellow risotto. Consistencies and temperatures alternate, making the lungua exemplary in two firings. Correct cellar. Account of 45 euros.

e-cappello tutto pesce e-bicchiere BULLONA
Via Piero della Francesca 64
Ph. 02.33607600
Open: dinner
Closed: Sunday; Monday
Holidays: three weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 60 to 120
The success of this trendy venue continues, located in a former station of the Northern Railways. There are displayed not only works of art of great value (from Pomodoro to Fontana) as well as fish dishes executed as they should, starting with the delicious appetizers of tacos, bruschetta and nibbles, and then tartare. plateau of molluscs and crustaceans, various seafood salads, up to monkfish in spicy soup. But the top is another: in this luxury starzo, the winner is the paccheri al pomodoro in their absolute and simple perfection. The desserts are no less, with cheesecake, and then we continue dancing to the rhythm of cocktails. Carta de! wines more than adequate, with lots of champagnes. About 90 euros.

g-r-nuova-segnalazione FIORE FOOD & DRINK
Via Savona 59
Ph: 02.48955382
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: August; from 1st to 10th January
Credit cards: all
Price: from 30 to 50
In the heart of via Savona, a welcoming place where you are and eat well, with an excellent quality-price ratio. Much attention is paid to the choice of both fish, to be tried in obligatory dishes such as kataifi prawns and turbot salad, and meat, from gnocchetti (Sardinian, where the owners come from) to meat sauce, to main courses such as cutlet, Iberian pork steak and fillet. perfect. Attentive service, growing wine list. Tasting at 35 euros, a la carte about 40.

e-1cappello tutto pesce GIULIANO A MILANO
Piazza Velasca 4
Ph. 02.72095238
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 35 to 80
In the shadow of the Torre Velasca, a safe landing place for those who love Romagna style fish cuisine (albeit with some ideas of creativity). The Milanese have learned to appreciate the dishes that Liliana Succi and her son Alessio replicate here from the proven script of the mother house overlooking the Porto Canale di Cesenatico The environment, among nets, anchors and shells, speaks the language of the kitchen The fish is chosen with wisdom, the uncomplicated elaborations, the generous portions, whether it is the risotto allo scoglio, the sardines au gratin, the inevitable great fried food, the original curry prawns. You can drink well, from a cellar obviously devoted to whites, and the bill settles around 60-70 euros.

e-1cappello letto-espresso HOTEL MAGNA PARS SUITES
Via Vincenzo Forcella 6
Ph: 02.8378111
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: two weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 45 to 70
Another step forward for the cuisine of this restaurant that knows how to keep its personality in the middle of a 'trendy' area. The kitchen exhibits a series of proposals mostly oriented towards tradition with sobriety. For example, the tagliatelle (homemade like all the fresh pasta proposals) with manual ragù or linguine with clams, touched up with a little bottarga and slightly spicy. Unusual, then, the sturgeon with a classic and well executed beurre blanch. Relaxed atmosphere, also thanks to the garden clearly visible from the windows. Good choice of wines, including those of the property, in Tuscany. Tasting menu for 65 euros, à la carte around 55 euros.

e-1cappello L'ANGOLO DI CASA
Viale Piave 17
Ph: 02.76016221
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Saturday for lunch
Holidays: two central weeks in August, holidays
Credit cards: all
Price: from 50 to 90
Welcoming, well-kept restaurant with a veranda. You are immediately welcomed and the waiters guarantee an attentive and fast service. It offers an eclectic cuisine, based above all on fish preparations, but there is no lack of meat courses such as ribs and Florentine. It is fresh, current, even if traditional preparations are found. Among the first courses you should try the spaghetti with clams with mullet bottarga, while among the second courses, those who love fish try the tuna in Langhe hazelnut crust with tuna sauce. On the traditional side, an exemplary veal cutlet, obviously cooked in clarified butter. A lot of attention also for the accompanying vegetables. I'm counting on 70 euros.

e-cappelli tutto pesce e-bicchiere LANGOSTERIA BISTROT
Via Privata Bobbio 2
Ph: 02.58107802
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday
Holidays: two weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 60 to 100

e-cappelli tutto pesce e-bicchiere LANGOSTERIA CAFE'
Via del Corso 4
Ph: 02.76018167
Open: Monday to Saturday lunch and dinner; Sunday for lunch
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: two weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 70 to 120

e-cappelli tutto pesce e-bicchiere g-r-nuova-segnalazione LANGOSTERIA CUCINA
Via Savona 10
Ph: 02.80025810
Open: dinner
Closed: Monday
Holidays: two weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 30 to 100

e-cappello MATER BISTROT
Via Pasquale Sottocorno 1
Ph: 02.91321602
Open: dinner
Closed: Monday
Holidays: two weeks in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 40 to 65
A place that proposes itself as a contemporary bistro, with the possibility of choosing or integrating a proposal of mini-dishes to be enjoyed without cutlery with a fine dining one. It ranges from vegetable, meat and fish dishes, all performed with beautiful technique. The kitchen plays on contrasts, diluting them wisely and always achieving balance. You juggle between sweet and savory in the bonito 'tataki "with cache, mustard and leek, as in the risotto with raw prawns and sumac. It goes to the acidity in the diaphragm with cardoncelli mushrooms, its own sauce and fermented currants, and in the dessert consisting of an essence of lemon in various textures: cream, granita, ice cream and meringue. Cellar oriented on 'naturals'. Four, five or six-course menu for 48, 58, 68 euros. At the card about 50.

e-1cappello MOTELOMBROSO
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 256
Ph: 393.7814956
Open: dinner only; also for lunch on Saturday and Sunday
Closed: Monday
Holidays: from Christmas to Epiphany; ten central days in August
Credit cards: all
Price: from 40 to 65
In a pleasant location on the Navigli, with arripi: dehors, three tasting itineraries are proposed. The first of six courses at 70 euros, faithful to the tradition of regions such as Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo, sees the queen of the menu, the cacio e ovo pallotta with braised sheep, proposed in an elegant version without losing its rusticity. Not least is another dish of the area: the brodetto with grouper and pepper, which immediately leads to the Adriatic. The second menu reflects more the imaginative soul of the cook: a six-course journey, where creativity explodes, with dishes such as the secret of Mora Romagnola on an apple base. Finally, a completely free ship route for 90 euros, which allows a 360 ° exploration of the chef's kitchen. Improved service and wine list.

e-1cappello NEBBIA
Via Evangelista Torricelli 15
Ph: 02.82781557
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday; Tuesday
Holidays: New Year; two central weeks August; Christmas
Credit cards: AU, BM, CS, DC, MC, VISA, EU
Price: from 35 to 65
In spite of the norne, in this bistro, both the lighting and the ideas are absolutely clear. An express, fresh cuisine with character. You fish from traditional dishes, from trattorias, lightening them and modernizing them, not skimping on the use of spices. The menu is not extensive, there are proposals for both meat, fish and vegetables: tasty tagliatelle with porcini and ricotta cheese, a tripe enhanced by the spicy note of 'kimchi', a delicate mackerel, just seared, with ricotta and figs . Warm service and an extensive but well thought-out wine list, bordering on France. A la carte on 50 euros.

tutto pesce OMEGA 3
Via Francesco Guicciardini 8
Ph: 02.76024111
Open: dinner
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: variable in August; Christmas time
Credit cards: AE. BM, CS, MC, VISA
Price: from 35 to 60
Raw protagonist. In this welcoming restaurant, with two rooms with soft tones and smiling staff always ready for the right advice, you come to the consolidated offer of tartare and carpaccio, seafood and crustaceans (the royal plateau is spectacular, for two at 80 euros). But you will not be disappointed if you choose cooked dishes, from mussel and clam soup to spaghetti alla chitarra with artichokes and bottarga. Small wine list, suitable for the gastronomic proposal. I'm counting on 45 euros.

e-cappello e-bicchiere PARTICOLARE MILANO
Via Gerolamo Tiraboschi 5
Ph: 02.47755016
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday
Holidays: two weeks in August; from 24 December to after the Epiphany
Credit cards: AE, BM, MC, VISA
Price: from 45 to 60
Stopped by the pandemic shortly after opening, this restaurant in Porta Romana has resumed its journey in a brilliant way thanks to a welcoming environment, with a beautiful garden, climate permitting, and, above all, a transversal cuisine not burdened by unnecessary special effects. Here are some examples: three-cooked octopus with pumpkin, licorice and dehydrated raw ham; linguine with mussel pepper cream, pecorino cheese, parsley and sea urchins; fat duck breast, raspberry coulis, ribs and smoked Maldon. Delicious desserts, especially the one with basil ice cream. Tasting menu from 45 and 65 euros. At the card 50 euros. Interesting wine list with the possibility of take-away, and with research and promotion of small producers.

e-cappelli SINE
Viale Umbria 126 (ang. corso XXII Marzo)
Ph: 02.36594613
Open: lunch and dinner
Closed: Monday, Sunday evening
Holidays: variable in January, the two central weeks of August; two days at Christmas
Credit cards: all
Price: from 40 to 95
In an environment of sober elegance, just out of the way from the center, Sine deserves attention. Not so much because curiously he defines himself as "gastrocratic", an extravagant crasis between gastronomic and democratic, as for the intelligent and pleasant cuisine that Roberto Di Pinto creates there. Dense curriculum of important experiences, Di Pinto does not betray the Neapolitan origins, testified by many and many references of the card, but knows how to enrich and vary the repertoire with measured creative touches however aimed at bringing out the flavors. A lot of sea in paper, starting with fried pizzas with 'friarielli' and palamita or 'mescafrancesca' (mixed pasta of different shapes) with potatoes and lobster, to pass the diaphragm with caramelized onion, bacon ravioli and "Neapolitan wasabi "and conclude with the irreverent" sacred and profane ", that is the rum baba with popcorn ice cream. The cellar keeps pace with the cuisine. Menu at 45, 65 and 95 euros. A la carte at 60-70.

E INOLTRE... guida-gamberorosso-2016

(Gambero Rosso Restaurants)

+g-forchette1 g-forchette1 g-svantaggioso
via B. Panizza, 10
PHONE 0245409037
CLOSED Saturday for lunch
80 wines excl.
RESTAURANT The space is completely white, but not for this cold, because the idea is to pamper guests from the first approach. The cuisine, mainly seafood, depends a lot on the fresh fish selected every day at the fish market, to arrange a proposal of a variously Italian and Mediterranean style. We thus pass from raw and au gratin entrees, centered on the quality of the raw material, to first courses that enhance the dry drawn pasta, including paccheri with red prawns from Mazara del Vallo and spaghetti with clams. Among the main courses, Bianca's mixed fry combines squid, cod, anchovies and prawns. Account calibrated on the costs of the fish product.

gambero-bistrot-ottimo g-corretto
via Pastrengo, 11
PHONE 0236523846
CLOSED Saturday and Sunday for lunch
45 wines excl.
BISTROT Born in 2015 as a cocktail bar with on-site microdistillery, anticipating the times of sartorial drinking. Today it is a very popular meeting place in the Isola district, appreciated not only by lovers of mixing - who can order well-executed classics or original twists here - but also by those looking for a good address for an aperitif. From the menu you can also order bowl, poke, raw seafood and some traditional Italian dishes (even at lunch on the weekend). There are three addresses in the city (also in via Tortona 33 and in via Melzo 16), each linked to a proposed specialty. The two premises Idèal Cocktail Club and Champagne Socialist also belong to the same family.

gambero-bistrot-ottimo g-corretto
via A. Sforza, 77
PHONE 0289503222
CLOSED Monday for lunch and Sunday all day
50 wines excl.
BISTROT Well before Na.Pa was born. - the food district that is transforming the Naviglio Pavese for the better - Claudio Sadler (see description) had courageously set up shop a few meters from the "circonvalla", as it is called by the doc Milanese, with one of the first modern trattorias in Italy, a format that the chef had already tested in the Fiera area. The place has not lost its enamel, there are the proposals of the day and the menu with a single dish, both for 22 euros. But you can indulge yourself with an eclectic menu, including quality meats and cheeses, raw fish and risotto, cutlet and turbot fillet. Especially designed for dinner the Milanese and seasonal tastings (50 and 55 euros). The drink is good, and the service is correct.

+g-forchette1 g-forchette1 g-corretto
via Forcella, 6
PHONE 028338371
CLOSED Sunday all day
100 wines excl.
RESTAURANT Andrea Alfieri, a highly experienced chef, now interprets well the request for simplicity and Italian style on the part of the regular clientele of one of the most beautiful spaces in Milan, in the hotel sector. The internal room is refined, warm and well lit while the courtyard offers a natural tranquility. On the menu sea fish prevails but there is no shortage of classic Milanese and regional proposals, always well executed. Valuable cellar and adequate service.

+g-forchette1 g-forchette1 g-corretto
p.zza Cinque Giornate, 1 c/o Coin
PHONE 0255181969
CLOSED Monday evening
45 wines excl.
RESTAURANT On the top floor of the Coin building, Globe offers a suggestive view over the rooftops of the city, which can be enjoyed from lunch to post dinner (including Sunday brunch). It is ideal for a quick lunch based on poke, carpaccio, salads or burgers, as well as for a more structured dinner (squid on chickpea hummus, confit tomatoes and caper bread, fettuccine with sea urchin octopus, Milanese risotto with ossobuco, second courses of sea and land). The drink is good, even on the cocktail front, and the staff is friendly.

gambero-bistrot-ottimo g-corretto
via G. Rosari, 12
PHONE 3917182416
CLOSED Sunday; open only in the evening
50 wines excl.
BISTROT Federica Caretta and Alessandro Garlondo, together in life and at work, pursue with determination the goal that led to the birth of their first restaurant at the beginning of 2019: to present guests with an agile, dynamic and identity proposal, in an informal setting conducted with grace and competence. At the table, therefore, the results of a market cuisine based on the selection of seasonal products treated with freshness and originality are appreciated, including a fillet of mackerel with aji amaryllis and sweet badada and an egg with parmesan and douxelle foam. 4-course tasting menu for 45 euros.

OSTRICHE & VINO g-nuova-s
gambero-bistrot-buono g-corretto
v.le Col di Lana, 5
PHONE 0258100259
CLOSED Sunday; open only in the evening
50 wines excl.
CREDIT CARDS all gr-pizza-asporto
BISTROT A safe haven for those who love oysters, especially in combination with sparkling wine or a good glass of wine. In this French-inspired â huitres bar, the selection is almost endless, and also of high quality. With oysters we range from raw plates to cooked dishes, such as grilled fish, mixed fry, Catalan lobster. Friendly service.

+g-forchette1 g-forchette1 g-vantaggioso
39 KITCHEN | 15 WINERY | 24 SERVICE Concordia, 1
PHONE 02776761
CLOSED always open
90 wines excl.
CREDIT CARDS all gr-pizza-asporto
RESTAURANT The restaurant of a charming hotel that strikes (I vodi the name) for its "castle" conformation in the heart of the city. A classic structure that is reflected in the fine dining space entrusted to Domenico Mozzillo. Italian cuisine, well done with a preference for Campania, its land of origin, but also for the vegetable front. The bistro formula for lunch, Sunday brunch and wine tastings - thanks to a cellar lady - in the splendid "cell of Bacchus" complete the offer.

via San Marco, 5
PHONE 0229061051
CLOSED Saturday for lunch and Sunday all day
70 wines excl.
RESTAURANT Santa Virginia puts you in a good mood especially when the outdoor area is open. But it is the cuisine that attracts an Italian and foreign public who appreciates the simplicity and correctness of the preparations. Pure Italianness, from Milanese risotto to tasty spaghetti alla chitarra with three tomatoes, from roasted octopus with couscous to squid ink and pea cream to beef tartar with low temperature egg. Hospitable service, cellar in development.

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40 Kitchen | 15 Cellar | 13 Service
v.le Alemagna, 6
PHONE 0236644340
CLOSED always open
85 wines excl.
RESTAURANT Having lunch, dinner or a drink on the top of the Triennale, in an all-glass structure with a balcony and terrace with a long and wide view of the metropolis, already has a great reason in this. But in the kitchen the level of experience is not lowered, thanks to a tasty proposal without overdoing it, seasonal, able to please everyone with original touches. For example with the Gragnano squid with sour butter, anchovies and burnt bread, or with the "soft-crunchy" organic chicken, mustard and honey. Cellar ad hoc, like mythologists. Adequate service. guida-accademia

(I Ristoranti dell'Accademia Italiana della Cucina)

a-templi3 AL GRISSINO
Address: Via Gian Battista Tiepolo 54 Telephone: 02 730392 Mobile: 3355334113 Type of the venue: Restaurant - Pizzeria Closing day: Mon morning Holidays: Aug; 24 Dec - 2 Jan Management (Name / company name): Mauro e Pasquale Gaggianelli In the kitchen: Cosimo Santobuono Cost: €€€ - from 46 to 65 Seats: 95 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: Mauro Gaggianelli, born and raised in Bisceglie, seeing the boats returning with their catch, he had begun to imagine how to cook fish since he was a child. Which he started doing concretely since 1982 in Puglia. Having taken over this historic Milanese restaurant (active since 1952), it brought his passion to Milan and since 1998 it has won a loyal clientele. The preparations are respectful of the Apulian tradition and the raw material is always of great quality. The environment is simple and welcoming. Two tasting menus and, since 2016, a vegetarian menu. Well-stocked cellar and accurate service Typical dishes: raw seafood, marinades and hot appetizers pezzogna alla Santobuono tuna with turmeric sliced ​​grouper with artichokes sliced ​​sea bass with truffle (in season) Roman-style artichokes with lupins Dish not to be missed: spaghetti alla Grissino with red mullet, baby octopus, clams and mussels

Address: Via Ascanio Sforza, 105 Telephone: 02 89546534 Closing day: Sun and Mon at noon Holidays: 3 weeks in August Cost: from 66 to 100 euros Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Seats: 75 Extra places outdoors: Parking: Management: since 2006 Salvatore Pili In the kitchen: Salvatore Pili News of particular interest: elegant restaurant with air conditioning Typical dishes: fried scampi, baby squid and courgettes; paccheri with mullet fillets; mixed gratin (mussels, scallops, razor clams, scampi); homemade tagliolini (scampi, baby squid, clams) Unmissable dish: amberjack, potatoes and artichokes

a-templi3 ARROW'S Address: Via Mantegna, 17/19 Telephone: 02 341533 Closing day: Sun, Mon noon Holidays: Aug Management (Name / company name): dal 1982 Pietro Contino e famiglia Cost: €€€ - from 66 to 100 Seats: 60 Parking: Private of the restaurant or garage with special arrangements News of particular interest: traditional, well-spaced tables, familiar and attentive service Typical dishes: large mixture of raw carpaccio - warm seafood salad - spaghetti with clams and squid - tagliolini with scorpion fish - risotto with cuttlefish ink - Sicilian amberjack - grilled fish and shellfish Unmissable dish: mixed fried scampi, squid and zucchini

a-templi3 CHARMANT
Address: Via Giuseppe Colombo 42 Telephone: 02 70100136 Closing day: dom Holidays: 5 - 27 Aug Management (Name / company name): from 1995 Rocco Urso In the kitchen: Giuseppe Mari Cost: €€€ - from 66 to 100 Seats: 40 Parking: Convenient News of particular interest: restaurant, with air conditioning Typical dishes: raw seafood and selection of hot appetizers - lipsticks, moleche and schie according to the season - first courses with seasonal products - seasonal fish and daily arrivals from Brindisi - soft pastries Unmissable dish: paccheri with lobster

Address: Via Orti 10 Telephone: 02 49781425 Closing day: Sunday and Monday for lunch Holidays: two weeks in August Management (Name / company name): Francesco Baccaro In the kitchen: Jerome Matining Cost: €€€ - from 46 to 65 Seats: 60 Extra covers outdoors: 60 Parking: Private of the restaurant or garage with special agreement News of particular interest: Fish restaurant that pays the utmost attention to the quality of the fish and the raw materials used to enhance the flavors. First and second courses, always in generous portions, are inspired by traditional recipes albeit with some innovative ideas. Numerous tables also outside for summer evenings. Typical dishes: Raw fish - Grilled curled octopus on lava stone with mashed broad beans - Tagliatelle with chili pepper and seafood and cherry tomatoes in a puff pastry crust - Roasted cuttlefish, black bread cream and braised cabbage - Catalan shellfish - Blancomisù Unmissable dish: Sea bass in salt

a-templi3 VIVO MOSCOVA
Address: Via Statuto 16 Telephone: 378/3025797 Useful info: They accept dogs Closing day: Monday Holidays: 2 central weeks of August Management Management (Name / company name): VIVO RISTORAZIONE SRL Cost: €€€ - from 36 to 45 Seats: 120 Extra covers outdoors: 60 Parking: Private of the restaurant or garage with special agreement News of particular interest: Fish restaurant where you can taste dishes of the ancient tradition of the Argentario fishermen, whose deep culture of respect for the sea and the quality of its products is expressed in every single dish, with freshness and flavors certified by a traceability system of the products served - represented by the slogan "from the sea to the pan" which guarantees the administration of the product within 18 hours from the moment it is caught. Typical dishes: Tasting of raw seafood mix - Imperial oysters - Carpaccio of red shrimp and burratina - Paccheri with squid ragout - Argentario pink shrimp rice flavored with citrus fruits - Fried squid and pink Argentario shrimp Unmissable dish: "Plateau Royal" assorted cruditées tasting

Restaurants tried by us

Via Bergognone, 16 (MI)
tel 02/42292026 fax 02/58113268
Closed: Saturday for lunch.
Cuisine of Campania, pizza, one of the best in town

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 15 (Wagner)
tel. 02 498 0034
Open: all day 7.30 / 21 (temporarily 7/15)
closed on Mondays all day
"An organic bistro" - An outpost in the city open continuously from breakfast to aperitif that can be reinforced if desired, a place that offers an excellent selection of products that the customer can taste in a menu that is definitely able to face the day: "extracts - smoothies - tea - infusions - juices - soft drinks - fruit juices - muffins - single portion desserts - pan cakes - sweet crepes - savory crepes - savory croissants - bistro menu - focaccia - club sandwich - toast - salads - fruit - mineral water - wines - craft beers - fiordifrutta - chocolate - mielbio - many fruits - dolcedì. Therefore, depending on the different moments of the day, those who pass through this corner of the city can refresh themselves, in an adequately organic way, certain of never making wrong choices and being served with great kindness and professionalism. Could you ask for more in this area?

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