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Guide Red Shrimp - Pizzerias of Italy

1048 W Ramdolpt St

NEAPOLITAN PIZZAgr-pizza-asporto

Nick Nitti's project, which has been clearing Neapolitan pizza in the Windy City for years, is well established. There are two signs, the first on Randolph Street, the second on Harlem Avenue. At the base is Acunto's oven, with a special volcanic stone slab, a tight-knit team of Italian pizza makers, and well-selected ingredients. Among the appetizers, mozzarella (buffalo, imported every 3 days), San Daniele ham and a good caponata. The discs are soft and nicely melting to the palate, we recommend the Vesuvio with San Marzano, buffalo, anchovies, Kalamata olives and oregano. It drinks well.

1769 West Sunnyside Avenue

NEAPOLITAN PIZZAgr-pizza-asporto

He's always willing to experiment and improve Jonathan Goldsmith, an American pizza maker who trained from the best talent in Campania. In our last visit, we were able to taste a new dough, the result of research on chia seeds and alternative flours, for a light, digestible and very tasty product. It starts very well with fried food, the bucatini frittatma is excellent, the Enzo is very good, with Corbarino tomatoes, provola cheese, buffalo ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese. Drinks are exquisitely Campanian thanks to a very refined wine list.

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