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Guide Red Shrimp - Pizzerias of Italy

7 Northumberland Ave, Westmister

NEAPOLITAN PIZZAgr-pizza-asporto

Let's start with the frittatina di pasta which, at less than £4, represents a quality-price bite like none other in the city, totally zeroing the distance between Naples and London. In fact, the standards of Ciro Salvo's London pizzeria are impressive, we are in front of a very rare case in which the foreign sign faithfully represents the spirit, the flavors, both in the raw materials and in the execution, of the place of origin in Italy. The fried calzone ricotta and cicoli is equally delicious, the dough is highly hydrated, soft and rhythmic to the bite, the Margherita is simply perfect. The wine cellar is also excellent with a nice selection of craft beers and Italian labels.

16 Hoxton Square

PIZZA TASTINGgr-pizza-asporto

From Calabria to Bologna, from Bologna to London. The brothers Salvatore and Matteo Aloe have come a long way. They came from the city of Emilia, where they studied economics, and then opened in the shadow of Big Ben. Today, under the Radio Alice banner, they have opened three locations in the English capital where they present fragrant and light pizzas that arrive at the table already cut into slices. Among the various offers, there is pizza with 'nduia, tomato and mozzarella and many imaginative but always concrete and punctual versions. Valid the wine proposal with many artisanal references of Southern Italy.

199 Baker St, Marylebone

NEAPOLITAN PIZZAgr-pizza-asporto

The Condurro family's sign is now a famous brand in Italy and abroad, as evidenced by the latest openings in Los Angeles or the second sign in London, a few months before the lockdown. It all started in the Forcella restaurant, in a simple and spartan place with essential equipment. In the London signs, expect the classic wagon wheel pizza coming off the plate, with a few more variations than the starting place. The tomato is well selected, then fiordilatte di Agerola, you start with the fried. Well executed the Marinara, and the tasty Napoletana with anchovies from Cetara and capers.

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