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( The word pizza has always represented in the world the perfect synthesis between the words "food and Italy".

It has become, after the Italian emigration in the world, such a strong symbol that it could even aspire to replace the flag of the country itself or at least of one of the parts of its immense gastronomic heritage.

Unique and incomparable.

So what could be done to find a new word, a sign capable of representing and transmitting "at the same time an immediately recognizable differentiation, like no other even in the other languages spoken in the world?

Able, at the same time, to represent also, the ability to prepare the indisputably best pizza "the artisanal one".

After many studies, tests, experiments, we have found a solution that has finally convinced us, to add to the word pizza a dot or rather the " .it " (the suffix for Italy in the www of the internet). A small precise element that fully satisfies the needs: both in sound and in reading.

All languages have grammar, but when they are used on the Internet, unusual changes occur. In the normality of communication it often happens for names of people and initiatives in general, acquiring a different value, an opening, both grammatically and phonetically, with the use of punctuation they transform. Just do some tests, if you want to have some fun to see for yourself what happens when something is read, written, pronounced, told. Here you have an excellent example with the word "pizza" that remains untranslatable phonetically in all languages spoken in the world, while calligraphically speaking it changes only for oriental languages because they use other alphanumeric characters (becoming for us only graphic languages) therefore incomprehensible.

(A symbol for the brand) find one to match with a brand like this?

Maybe we could also avoid doing it since "and maybe never as in this case", the word is enough, or better to say in this case, three words in one: "" that become one word again if we compose it "pizzapuntoit".

This becomes extremely interesting, for the great universities of world advertising, where I have worked as an art director for over 15 years in Italy, USA and Germany, because it remains; both a copy concept (written concept) and a copy idea (a written idea) formidable for real, even in the phase of visual treatment preserves intact an intrinsic strength of memory decidedly exceptional with an infinite possibility of creative treatments.

So here is the choice made of an extremely simple symbol "a puzzle" because it indicates even to those who do not yet know that: "pizza has always been eaten in pieces" directly with the hands without the use of cutlery.

It was certainly right that the most popular and, perhaps, "the most famous" of the dishes of the extraordinary Italian cuisine was, finally, retrained and inserted correctly in the great international gastronomic editorial heritage.

What do you think, did we succeed?

The correct answer is definitely yes, given the results.

1997 - one of the first results obtained (the Corriere della Sera) places us in the top 10 places in the world in the war of thefts between brand names and internet addresses.

1999 - an initiative of - the war of wood fired ovens - the opposition to the HACCP law.

May 18, 1999 - fax from BBC WEBWISE Television asking us permission to use some pages of our site for a film diary of a trip around Europe and the UK using the Internet. The subject involves the presenter of the series using a laptop computer to tackle the challenges of the journey with the help of the viewers.

2004 - Italian Official Journal no one will touch wood-fired ovens anymore, in italy.

And in Europe, without us it didn't go that way, let's see what will happen in the future.

What has happened, with the impact with the industry in recent years is why it was necessarily modify the brilliant original idea?

This link is certainly useful to read to understand in detail the individual details.

This is the solution we adopted, solving a really huge problem in the battle between internet domains and registered trademarks, first of all this solution can be yes a registered trademark but, it can't become a domain, so it's definitely to be strong and unique. as when we started.

The suggestion given by the young and prepared lawyer to whom I turned for the renewal after 20 years, turns out to be really sharp, it is fair to say that she was really very good.

The internet smile :) has always been used by us because when you say let's go eat a pizza, usually people instinctively smile.

Giovanni Zullo


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